Wednesday, May 13, 2009

OSX 10.5.6 on my desktop PC

Installed 10.5.6 on my desktop PC. This post is mostly an index of the kexts that I used, so that people with similar specs know easily what to use. The release I used is iPC Universal 10.5.6 . Installation went through without any issues at all.

Before installing make sure that in your BIOS, you set your Sata controller mode to "AHCI" or you'll probably get the dreadful "Still waiting for root device".

Kexts used during installation:
Kernels [Intel Q9550]:
None chosen, so "9.6.0 Vanilla kernel" is installed by default

Graphics Card [Powercolor 4870 1gb]
None chosen during installation. Used this simple guide after installation, works like a charm at last!

Chipset drivers [EP45T-DS3R]
  • Intel ICH10 SATA support chosen during installation
  • JMicronATA for JMicron IDE chosen during installation

Audio drivers [on board ALC889a]
The ALC889a kext chosen during installation didn't do it for me, so I chose nothing during installation the second time around. After installing I used an AppleHDA.kext and HDAenabler from here which enabled sound but with constant, annoying popping.
I then downloaded another AppleHDA and HDAenabler which I packaged here (credit to AndrewNZ @ Insanelymac). I installed BOTH kexts BEFORE restarting, and I booted with -x -f -v (also important, did not work without -x and then another restart). Popping problems gone, audio works like a charm!

Ethernet drivers [on board Realtek 8111c]
Chose Realtek R1000 during installation, works like a charm

  • Legacy time machine fix installed, solved the "Time Machine could not be configured. The built-in network interface could not be found."
  • PS /2 Keyboard fix also installed, since my ps2 keyboard refused to work after the first installation. Mouse problems (USB) the first boot time after fix, removed and reinserted and works flawlessly after that.
  • Also installed Dual Boot time sync fix, speaks for itself
The only problem remaining is a restart problem. I'll post the solution as soon as I find one!

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