Monday, January 25, 2010

Importing your Mass Effect 1 character into Mass Effect 2 [PC]

Hadn't seen the configuration utility option! Just click on "Configure" in the splash screen (autorun), and then navigate to "Save games"; there's an option to copy your saved games with a single click!

Copy the contents of
C:\Users\yourusername\Documents\BioWare\Mass Effect\Save

C:\Users\yourusername\Documents\BioWare\Mass Effect 2\Save\ME1


*Replace C:\Users\ with C:\Documents and Settings\ for XP

Monday, January 18, 2010

Left 4 Dead SKIDROW Uninstall Font ****up

After trying to uninstall Left 4 Dead SKIDROW, there was a font mess-up where everything appeared to be bold. Some minutes of research later it appears that the installer changes the default location of fonts in the registry for example from:

HKLM/Software/Microsoft/Windows NT/CurrentVersion/Fonts/Arial (TrueType) "arial.ttf" to
"%your install dir%\Left 4 Dead\platform\vgui\fonts\arial.ttf"

In order to correct the situation go to HKLM/Software/Microsoft/Windows NT/CurrentVersion/Fonts/ and start scrolling down to find all the fonts that had their values changed and change them back to the original path by deleting everything BUT the font filename for example "arial.ttf"

do create a restore point before editing registry values, and do not attempt this if the above don't make complete sense to you.