Friday, July 10, 2009

3Com router claims that "You don't have the priority to operate this DUT!"

I was playing around with voteforninja's 3Com wireless router, when I turned off its DHCP server. It was working fine at the moment; next day I had to assign manually an IP to the computers connecting. The computers could then connect, but I could not get into the router's administration pages. The login page loads fine, a wrong password gives a corresponding error message while a correct password gives the very, very meaningful "You don't have the priority to operate this DUT!".

Unfortunately I found no solution for this problem. I tried changing my IP, I tried through wireless and wired paths; nothing. I was basically locked out of the router since without DHCP I got this error and without getting in I couldn't turn DHCP on. Way to go 3Com!

I reset the router to its factory defaults by turning it off and connecting a cable from its internet port to one (any) of its LAN ports, then turning it on and waiting for the status lights to settle down.

Anyone comes up with a solution, let me know!