Sunday, April 12, 2009

Setting XBMC as the dashboard on Xbox 1

This is the method I used to set XBMC as my dashboard. It's also useful when upgrading XBMC. Please note that this is specific to softmods done with Krayzie_SC-PAL_Ndure_Installer_v1.1 as other softmods might use different folders.

After the softmod process finishes, the xbox boots from the file default.xbe in e:\dashboard\. There is nothing more to it that copying the contents of the XBMC folder (in t3ch's zip), to E:\dashboard\, replacing everything.

The catch is that you can't ftp the files while the current dashboard is running, since their files can't be replaced while in use. This is how I'm doing it:

1. FTP another copy of evox/unleashx or even XBMC to e:\Apps\
2. Boot into that copy
3. You should be able to FTP XBMC into e:\dashboard and replace the current dashboard.

A couple of side notes:
- Again this only works if your current dashboard is in e:\dashboard. If not, search around and find alternative solutions or redo the softmod process using the aforementioned Krayzie package (which I've found the best overall).
- If you copy XBMC in e:\Apps\ for step 1, you can avoid copying the whole XBMC folder (which can take quite a while), by only copying XBMC's default.xbe. This makes XBMC run in a mode which only allows FTP transfers (enough for our needs).
- If you copy the WHOLE XBMC folder for step 1, you can do step 3 through XBMC instead of FTPing (just copy/paste XBMC from e:\Apps to E:\Dashboard).

For any help/clarifications, just ask:)

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