Thursday, April 30, 2009

Installing Ubuntu to USB flash drive/Installing Ubuntu from usb flash drive

I got my hands on Ubuntu 9.04 Netbook remix and wanted to try it out on my NC10 (note that everything said here probably applies to the non-netbook, ordinary images as well). After downloading the Netbook remix image, I used Win32 disk imager (can be found here), which extracted the image on my USB drive and made it bootable.

I succesfully booted into Ubuntu "live" from the NC10 and liked what I was seeing. There's a problem with the "live" mode, for anyone wishing to use it for more than previewing; it's not a proper installation, so you can't update or make any changes that require a restart (among other things).

Having the NC10 Restore partition, XP, OSX, OSX time machine and DDMAC partitions, doesn't leave much space for an Ubuntu installation. I tried booting from the USB and doing a proper installation TO the USB disk and not my hard disk, but it didn't work, there was no choice for a USB installation (duh). After some research I found that Ubuntu CAN be installed to a USB drive without any extra hassle, so I figured that I should try again, using a second drive to install to.

So I just booted with the "live" USB drive, and installed to another usb, by following the "Install" shortcut. If you're doing this, make sure that you have selected the USB drive so that you don't accidentally format another drive. Also make sure that only the bootsector of the USB is changed; there's an "Advanced" button somewhere at the Partitioning stage (although this should be taken care of automatically, double check).

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