Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Networks are not scanned or refreshed when clicking on the wifi icon or Show Networks (Mac OSX)

UpdateThis is a bug. I have confirmed this with Apple today. It will be fixed in a future update. The steps below did not fix my issue. The issue reoccurs when going to the login screen and then logging in again.

When I click on the wifi icon on the Menubar, the networks are not scanned and there is no rolling radial wheel. When I click "join other network" and "scan networks" the list remains empty. This is how I remedied the issue, with help from apple:

  • Open a finder window
  • Click the "Go" menu and then "Go to folder"
  • Go to ~/Library/Preferences
  • Drag to your desktop
  • Restart
  • Fixed!
On a side note, this was a profile issue for me. We checked that by creating a new user account and logging in with that one and the issue wasn't there.

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