Sunday, August 9, 2009

Debrand / Rebrand the c905 on your own for free

This procedure will reset everything in your phone, backup your stuff before proceeding (the memory card won't be affected). Please note that A2Uploader might be detected as a virus, DISABLE your antivirus before proceeding, you can't afford to have it stop A2Uploader while it's connected to your phone. I can't guarantee that it's a 100% false alert, what I know for sure is that the majority of software that perform low-level functions on phones might trigger false alarms on less-able antivirus suites. I used this version that I have uploaded, if that makes you feel better!

1. Download A2Uploader, USB drivers and customize_upgrade.xml here
2. Install ggsetup- (USB drivers)
3. Download the Sony Ericsson Update service software
4. Launch A2Uploader and click on Identify.
5. Remove-insert your phone's battery
6. Hold C (on your phone) and plug it in. Note that on some phones you have to press 2+5 instead of C
7. Take a note of the CDA number (format 12xx-xxxx) for future reference
8. Select the CDA of the firmware you want to use from this list. When debranding I used the Western Europe (Uk customized) 1214-7311
9. Modify the CDA code in the customize_upgrade.xml to match the CDA you chose from the list
10. Disconnect phone, remove/reinsert battery and click FileSystem tool in A2Uploader
11. Hold C and reconnect your phone
12. Once the filesystem is read, drag and drop customize_upgrade.xml to tpa/preset/custom/
13. Check that the file has been transfered and click "Shutdown FS manager"
14. Turn on your phone and let it install the new CDA
15. After it's finished launch the Sony Ericsson Update service and follow the instructions.

When I was in the process of debranding my phone, SEUS told me that I already have the latest software, even though I followed this procedure. I did two things, one of them was to perform a master reset AFTER having copied the xml to the phone, the second one I can't remember! After that, SEUS gave me the choice to re-flash my phone.

Based on this tutorial found at esato, which was copied from somewhere at topsony

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