Thursday, March 12, 2009

LG w2252TQ and Force3d 4870 problems - UPDATED

So one day my monitor turns itself off while I was working, and it wouldn't turn on again. I removed the monitor's power plug from the mains and tried again a bit later on, and it worked; the monitor turned on.
Dissapointment after a while, the monitor turned itself off again. And it wouldn't turn on again unless it was left a while with the plug off the wall. I updated the graphic card's drivers - nothing changed.

The monitor worked well when I connected it to another pc, so it lead me to believe that it was the graphic card's problem, a Force3D 4870 512mb. Checking the ATI control panel, EDID automatically "detected" that the maximum refresh rate of the monitor is 200hz. Mind you, an LCD screen has a refresh rate of 60hz only!

So there's a setting to override that and I set it to 60hz. And it works fine since then! It seems like the monitor turned itself off to protect itself from damage.

Oh, and I challenge you to find drivers for the LG w2252tq.

UPDATE: Problems persisted after a while, monitor sent back for repairs. Works fine now!

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